Care about skin, Care about beauty.

“ Definition of smith ”
  • a worker in metals : blacksmith
  • maker —often used in combination
    Gunsmith, tunesmith, silversmith.
Brand Story

Makeup + smith

A dictionary definition of SMITH is a worker as widely known BLACKSMITH and often used in combination with other word as like silversmith, gunsmith and more. Makeup + smith is a combination with color cosmetics makeup and SMITH is emphasized that our brand originated from manufacture and master of craftsmanship.

The logo shown that MUS, simplified with the initial MUS. The stylish Korean calligraphic more distinguish from other texture and indicated woman’s softness and beauty.

Brand core values
  • Quality of makeup and adding value of confidence.

  • Professional makeup artist’s choice.

  • Not irritate effect on your sensitive skin.

  • Give you proud of yourself.